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CAPITAL (Curriculum And Pedagogy In Technology Assisted Learning) is a research project undertaken jointly by the University of Nottingham (Learning Sciences Research Institute and Teaching and Leadership Research Centre) and Sero Consulting Ltd working in association with Becta.


The aim of the project is to carry out research into the future of learning with technology, including trends, disruptions and new modes of learning, to inform the next stage of the Becta Harnessing Technology Strategy. It covers all education sectors and a broad range of topics such as assessment; teaching approaches; formal and informal learning; personalisation and differentiation.


The project began in April 2008 and is expected to run for three years. In 2009/10 work will focus on identifying how we can move from pockets of innovation in technology-enhanced learning to widespread and sustainable adoption and embedding. Three core themes have been identified:

  • Learning spaces and tools
  • Curriculum and assessment
  • Education workforce training and development in the pedagogical and related issues of technology-enhanced learning.

The project is led by Professor Mike Sharples, The University of Nottingham and David Kay of Sero, and involves researchers from both organisations.


For further information contact the project manager Ian Chowcat.


The project is one strand of a major programme of Harnessing Technology research commissioned by Becta. For details of the other strands visit the Becta Managed Research 2008/09 page. Reports from the project published by Becta can also be downloaded from that page.


As part of the first year of the project a number of case studies were produced and these can be accessed here.


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